Pro-cop ‘thin blue line’ flag seen as racially insensitive in Brattleboro – Brattleboro Reformer

An attendee at a racial bias community meeting held by Attorney General TJ Donovan said the waving of the pro-police ‘Thin Blue Line’ American flag at the Brattleboro Fire Department is insensitive, given its history as a response to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.

"The Brattleboro Reformer story doesn’t say whether Donovan was asked if he thinks waving the flag is offensive.

One complaint involved a "thin blue line" flag that hung in front of the Brattleboro Fire Department station downtown. Seen as a way to honor law enforcement but also a response to the Black Lives Matter movement, some people deem the flag insensitive.

"I'm trying not to, forgive me for using this term, let little things get blown out of proportion if the conflict doesn't involve someone behaving inappropriately," Town Manager Peter Elwell said about the flag, which he said was taken down within an hour if not minutes of his hearing a complaint.


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