Music teachers, performers sing in the streets, online - Valley News

Like a bunch of music-happy Italians, the people of the Upper Valley are joining together in song.

“Thetford pianist Matthew Wiencke also welcomes the continued interaction with his 20 students, especially in the wake of the recent cancellation of the annual spring concerts of the Thetford Chamber Singers, for whom he is accompanist. Whereas he used to teach on the two pianos at the First Congregational Church on Thetford Hill — which itself is now holding its Sunday services via Zoom — he now relies on Zoom, Google Hangouts or FaceTime. “The video for most part is good, and the audio is decent,” Wiencke said. “The kids who are school-age really like it. They think it’s pretty cool.” While some of the elder adults among his students find the technology more challenging, he added, “at least it allows you to continue to play piano, have it as part of your life.” “It brightens your day,” he said. “It’s about reducing stress. Music is very uplifting, especially now.”"



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