Pre-K kids taking long rides on Vermont schoolbuses - is that a good thing? - True North Reports

If their parents aren’t there, bus drivers can’t just leave pre-K kids at the bus stop. What to do?

"“Drivers are not allowed by law to let the pre-K kids off the buses unless a parent is there to collect them. The parents aren’t showing up and are using the buses as babysitting services, with the kids simply driving around town from after school until after 6 p.m.,” a Rutland resident who witnessed the issue told True North, speaking on condition of anonymity. Who’s responsible for Vermont pre-K children left on school buses when parents fail to show? When it comes to transportation and students, bus operators have the ultimate responsibility for young children waiting on buses for their parent’s arrival. By state guidelines, employers of drivers bear the responsibility of passengers. If parents are tardy in picking up their children, bus drivers won’t drop kids off, or leave them to the elements."

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