As cost of making electricity drops 33%, NE still pays thru nose

Between 2014-2018, the cost of making electricity in New England dropped 33%, thanks mostly to ultra-cheap natural gas-fired power. But increased transmission and "capacity" costs have added billions to the consumers' bill, making New England power the most expensive in the continental U.S..



"Closure of plants like Vermont Yankee and the opening of new “intermittent“ renewable power plants force regional grid operators to pay through the nose for “capacity charges.” In effect, consumers must pay power companies to keep generation available for emergency use. Like any convenience store product, capacity power is often unhealthy and always expensive. New England consumers paid $2.6 billion more in capacity charges between 2014 and 2018."

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  • Michael Brown
    commented 2019-06-21 12:27:01 -0400
    I like the Gen 4 Nuke facilities. I would consider bringing nuclear energy back to Vermont as a partial solution to our energy needs. I think we are poised to take advantage of nuclear energy because we are not coastal and not very geologically at risk of earthquakes. Lots of new tech like salt mixed with uranium makes this an option that we should reconsider.