Chester school superintendent rebukes teachers as "active resisters" of proficiency learning, says she doesn't trust some school board members - Chester Telegraph

Dissatisfaction with grades-free 'proficiency learning' has landed another Vermont school leader in hot water.

Just days after Green Mountain Supervisory Union (which includes Andover, Ludlow, Black River, Cavendish, and Chester) Superintendent Meg Powden gave a speech to all teachers rebuking "active resisters" of the new method of learning and grading, she refused to share the contents of the speech with her school board because "I don't trust some members of the school board."

Her trouble follows the recent departure of the principal of Bellows Free Academy - St. Albans following strong parental pushback against proficiency learning. Among other problems, PL makes it hard to determine students' grade-point-average, a statistic most colleges require on admission forms. 

"“Overwhelmingly, I’ve had a huge positive response to my remarks,” said Powden

“Why don’t you want anybody else to see it?” asked Studin.

“You wouldn’t know the context,” replied Powden.

“Not wanting to share it makes me want to see it,” said board member Doug McBride.

Powden said she shared very personal information in her remarks.

She then said, “We have an issue – the administration and the board. … I don’t trust some of the board members because of some of their actions. That’s why I’m not sharing.””

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