Politically-correct vandals desecrate Civil War monument, again - Reformer

It’s happened again. Just days after town workers were ordered to clean spraypaint off of Brattleboro’s Civil War monument, someone has defaced the memorial to the town’s fallen - again.

"BRATTLEBORO — Tony Lebron, a maintenance worker for the Brattleboro Recreation and Parks Department, uses a hose to wash off graffiti written in chalk that read "Too little, too late," at the Civil War Memorial on the Common in Brattleboro, on Thursday."

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  • Rikki Risatti
    commented 2020-06-21 09:59:41 -0400
    People organizing slavery reparation movements’ legislation to recognize that People incarcerated and People employed in the military have both been and are currently treated as property denied both constitutional and life protections of freedoms, rights, and liberties. We can and will change such insanely brutal conditions with prison abolition and labor union empowerment.

    I deeply grieve the abusive control tactics utilized by People in government. As a conscientious objector against democide patterns of fascism and imperialism, which are oppressive systems based in xenophobia; I pity the People who have expressed their misunderstandings of and violent biases about how to effectively correct misinformative War Memorials by cheaply expecting students or patriotic volunteers in solidarity to resolve the work of identifying missing soldiers.

    Cultures can progress equality in multitudes of different ways… Including by dedicating accurate monuments to share awareness that “”tweet-url hashtag" href=“https://twitter.com/search?q=%23PeopleofColorMatterToo” rel=“nofollow” title=“#PeopleofColorMatterToo”>#PeopleofColorMatterToo". Our local majority of People appointed and elected into municipal government have not led intentions to defend honoring veterans, but continue to be guilty of complicit coercion, exploitation, neglect, and erasure of People in the military.

    The motions by #DecolonizingBrattleboroReclaimingWantastegok about these issues include:

    1. Stop forcing cis gendered assigned at birth men to enlist in the draft or else lose qualification to their public welfare entitlements
    2. Enabling basic income, free education, health care, and job security options so People are not militarized by desperation of poverty as their only opportunity for financial stability by risking war
    3. Pay to update the Brattleboro/Wantastegok Civil War Memorial with the missing 65 names of Soldiers of Color and a 2020 year marker
    4. Add the Brattleboro/Wantastegok War Memorials to the #AfroVermontHeritageTrail
    5. Establish a municipal reparations office employed by diverse qualified professionals with previous experience
    6. $16,200 owed of the 54 enlisted bounty law contracts in terms of 1863, now equivalent in purchasing power to about $331,862.14 to be paid to Organizations by People of Color when no surviving relatives accept direct deposit, $6,145.60 per family from municipal funds which are expected to be more timely dispensed than People with federally positioned duties whom have denied responsibility of managing
    7. Change our schools’ racist colonel/kernel mascot/name/logo


    Select Board Chair Candidate 2021
    VT Supreme Court Litigant
    District 2 Representative, Municipality of Wantastegok, Sokwakik County, Ndakinna, 05302
    Gloria La Riva POTUS 2020 Leonard Peltier VP
    They/Them Pronoun Conjunctives
  • Patrick Finnie
    commented 2020-05-31 11:42:39 -0400
    “Political Correctness” is a matter of opinion. What is “Political Correct” today may or may not be “Political Correct” tomorrow. Vandalism is vandalism.