Political cartoon: Can anyone beat Phil Scott? - Seven Days

It’s election season, the time when political cartoonists strut their stuff. See Seven Days’ Marc Nadel caricatures of incumbent Phil Scott, his challengers from both parties, and the cars they rode in on. And oh yeah - editor Paul Heintz answers the question posed in the headline.

"Even Scott's most recent Democratic rivals praise his response to the pandemic and characterize the efforts to defeat him as all but a lost cause. "I gotta tell you, his handling of the coronavirus has been outstanding," said 2018 Democratic nominee Christine Hallquist, who lost to Scott by 15 percentage points. "I think it's gonna be tougher this year than even when I ran." Sue Minter, who lost to Scott by 9 points in 2016, said she was "very impressed" with Scott's response to the crisis. "It's going to be difficult to run against a record of the state with the lowest [coronavirus] impact thus far," she said."

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