Police rally disrupters attack on social media - VT Daily

It wasn’t enough that the disruptors at Saturday’s pro-police rally shouted down every speaker. They also took their “cop supporters are racist” campaign online.

“And, they wait for The Moment. The young folks with cameras and smart phones are circling, circling, looking for that one encounter that will make the whole trip worthwhile. Apparently at least one person obliged with an angry statement in response to – well, we don’t know what it was in response to. The post conveniently doesn’t record whatever the disrupter said. (For that matter it’s not impossible that the rally attendee who claimed blacks have been especially well treated in the USA was a “plant.” At least I didn’t recognize her."



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  • Patrick Finnie
    commented 2020-08-03 15:21:53 -0400
    So describing the woman that supposedly made these disparaging remarks as “Karen” is not equally racially insensitive ? What’s the old saying about two wrongs ? Interesting ..

    Wikipedia definition for “Karen”

    Karen is a pejorative term used in the United States and other English-speaking countries for a woman perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is appropriate or necessary. A common stereotype is that of a white woman who uses her privilege to demand her own way at the expense of others.