Police had seized gun from murder suspect several weeks prior - County Courier

James Mulholland of Swanton carried a gun because he feared an assault and “he had a right to do so.” Last week he allegedly shot a man who didn’t want him to pet his dog. Mulholland also suffered from a severe developmental delay.

“According to the prosecutor in the case, Sarah Baker, the defendant showed enough concern to public health that police seized a gun within the past few weeks. In testimony in court on Monday afternoon, Mulholland’s mother, Mrs. White, said she had been concerned that her son could become violent with the firearm that police say he used to gun down 32-year-old Kyle A. LaBelle on Second Street Friday afternoon. The prosecutor insinuated that the firearm was seized due to a public safety concern, but Mulholland’s mother claimed on the stand that the firearm was seized after Mulholland was the victim of another case in which he was assaulted, and the firearm was taken from his possession."



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