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Today, two new laws requiring Vermonters to reduce their plastic and food waste take effect. Is what’s good for the environment also good for the people living in it?

"Starting Wednesday, food and service establishments will no longer be giving out plastic carryout bags. Exceptions include loose items in a store like meat, flowers, or nuts and coffee. Shoppers will have to bring a reusable bag or pay 10 cents for a paper bag. The law goes beyond the checkout line. Plastic straws will now be by request, plastic stirrers will be replaced with a stirrer of a different material and stores will no longer be offering polystyrene as an option for egg cartons or trays. Vermonters must now also throw their food scraps in the compost instead of the trash. State leaders say keeping food scraps out of the trash saves landfill space and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.”

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  • Ann C. Kehoe
    commented 2020-07-06 11:44:02 -0400
    First: the “single use plastic bags” are, for many, double- or triple-use, from kitty litter to batteries to marbles and more. A more truly single use bag would be a plastic garbage bag. But let’s not give these ninnies any more bad ideas. Second: maybe I’m missing something sciency- what’s the diff between throwing soon-to-be compost into the dump and burying it in your garden? Some people, in UK and Australia, bury raw food waste directly in their gardens, to good effect; see YouTube. They bury everything from coffee grounds to banana peels right in there. Feeds the very beneficial worms and more. What’s wrong with that in the dump? Maybe I’m missing something, but what? Could this be another case of unintended consequences? Third: what are older folk to do? This is very anti-agery! Some older folk can’t walk to a compost heap, indeed, do not garden, some cannot drive; I have been advised by very “green” friends that my compost heap needs to be at least 50 feet from my house! That’s a long walk for some! Also very iffy on ice! Four: why aren’t these ‘green" people going after the world’s worst pollution culprits, the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China)??? Maybe they are working for them, unaware? Five: we need an easy Recall mechanism. But NOT using mail ins.