Pickup truck burned rubber on Craftsbury BLM street mural- Fox 44

A pickup truck “burned rubber” on the BLM street mural on Craftsbury Common. Police are investigating it as racially-motivated vandalism.

"Someone driving a large, dark pickup truck is believed to have done a burnout on North Craftsbury Road at about 9:30 that night, right on top of a Black Lives Matter mural. Investigators say the burnout was the source of the skid marks that are visible in the attached photo. Troopers also believe someone spray-painted the message ‘KILL THE PREZ’ on a sign at Route 14 and South Craftsbury Road sometime Thursday. Authorities had no pictures of that graffiti available as of this writing. However, the Greensboro-Hardwick town line sign on Route 14 is also believed to have been defaced with a similar color of spray paint."

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