Phil Scott to run for re-election - VT Digger

On the last day to submit paperwork to run in a statewide primary, Phil Scott announced he will seek re-election. He faces one challenger, John Klar of Brookfield, who said at a press conference yesterday (not covered by Digger or any other mainstream media except WCAX)  “Phil Scott will run on Covid-19, and I’ll run on the Constitution.”

"Scott will be seeking his third term as Vermont's governor. But he'll be doing it without a campaign staff, fundraising or campaign events, for now. "I know this may seem a bit odd coming from someone in my position," Scott wrote, "but I can honestly say the least favorite part of my experience in public service has been the politics." Scott had previously said that he would not make his decision known until the 2020 legislative session was finished, but that schedule was undermined by the coronavirus. The Legislature is now planning on working through the summer, with budgeting all but impossible until there is clarity on federal assistance."

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