Pet food pantry for needy animals opens in Rutland – Rutland Herald

Fido and Buffy shouldn’t have to suffer malnutrition because their owners can’t afford pet food, reason the operators of a new Rutland ‘food shelf’ stocked with pet food.

"The social media post asked readers to help identify any elderly people on a set income who needed assistance with food for their dog or cat. The outreach on social media has been effective. Groce said on Monday the project had gotten a lot of donations. “People can still donate but we really need to get the word out to people who need it,” she said. Groce said she was inspired by a Facebook posting of somebody starting a holiday pet pantry in a city. “I thought it would be cool to do. I said, ‘Who’s with me?’ and Theresa Jones said, ‘I’ll do it.’ So her and I got together,” she said.

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