What does Patriot Front really believe? - Burlington Free Press

Group leaving posters all over Burlington used to be part of group that planned Charlottesville VA protest. They split after the event that left a leftist protester dead when a rightwing driver struck her with a car. 


"Since then, stickers from the Patriot Front appeared around the Green Mountain State multiple times. The group even held a demonstration in Burlington last year, displaying a "Reclaim America" banner in City Hall Park."


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  • Doug & Patricia Richmond
    commented 2019-09-18 16:49:35 -0400
    Nothing like being a “Patriot” becoming a swear word for the Progressives.
    Patriots admire the things America has accomplished.
    Progressives think we are all wrong, and everything
    must be corrected in the vein of Socialism – Government decides everything for each citizen.