Pandemic task force promotes recovery ideas - Rutland Herald

A task force led by Paul Costello of the Vermont Council on Rural Development Tuesday issued six recommendations to speed recovery from the pandemic.

"Costello’s came up with six recommendations, he said. Ending family homelessness was among them. “We’ve invested the resources today so that families that have been homeless are currently housed, and the provision and connection of services by bringing together both resources and implementation partners to drive that forward is, to us, something that’s possible and doable,” said Costello. “Its actionability was part of the filter we used to build these recommendations, which are preliminary recommendations, this isn’t the end of the work by any means.” Other recommendations included linking local food producers, processors, and suppliers to people in need, supporting child care and youth programming with more generous and flexible Restart Grants, more financial assistance for small businesses, especially those owned by minorities and women, implementing a year-long statewide “buy local” challenge, and expanding broadband internet."

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