Pandemic clouds prospects for climate change legislation - VT Digger

Senate Natural Resources and Energy Chair Chris Bray says he hopes his committee will pass both Act 250 and the Global Warming Solutions Act this month. But will there be time to pass either bill - not to mention both - this year?

The Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee, where the bill currently sits, took testimony last month, before switching gears to address reforms on Vermont’s landmark land use law, Act 250. Committee Chair Sen. Chris Bray, D-Addison, said he’s hoping to wrap up both before lawmakers adjourn this month. But he’s not sure that getting out both complex bills in short order will be possible, and his committee will prioritize Act 250 reform. “It’s talking about laying out a plan for the next 30 years, right,” he said of the Global Warming Solutions Act. “We’re not going to do long term planning based on very limited testimony. We need to make sure it’s a good long term plan that will achieve what we’re hoping for.”."

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