Paid Family Leave veto override failure has repercussions in State House - VT Digger

The supermajority of Democrats and Progressives could be left with a failed agenda, if enough rank and filers continue to vote their own minds.

More showdowns may follow. Legislative leaders are on track to approve bills to create a tax-and-regulate structure for cannabis sales, fight climate change and impose new gun regulations, which may all be vetoed by the governor. Each bill presents its own challenge to the House’s majority caucus, which must keep its members unified to override a veto.

And if the Democrats fail on attempted overrides, they could enter the campaign with little to show on their top priorities. Remember 2018, when the party’s House candidates emphasized paid family leave, minimum wage and climate action? Well, they may be saddled, yet again, with the familiar narrative of Democrats failing to overcome a recalcitrant governor.

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