Overhaul of Legislative staff to get second look – VT Digger

Any ‘human resources director’ of staff for the Vermont Legislature needs to be independent and not a creature of the culture, lawmakers were told last week.

"Peggy Delaney, the Committee Services Supervisor for Legislative Council, got choked up in the beginning of her testimony last Friday when she told lawmakers that it was particularly “critical” for the Legislature to have an independent human resources director “if they really want to make a change in the culture here.” “We’ve done gender bias training, we’ve done sexual harassment training. And I want to commend the General Assembly for that,” Delaney said. “But it’s not enough.” She said there have been many times during her tenure when she would have benefitted from the guidance of an independent human resources director. She worried that by lumping that position into one office with other services, it may lose the authority and independence to hold alleged harassers accountable throughout the Legislature.

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