Out-of-staters buying Mad River Valley homes after ‘virtual tours’ - Valley Reporter

What a time to be selling rural Vermont real estate! City folks desperate to own property in beautiful, rural (crime and virus-free?) Vermont are taking virtual tours of Mad River Valley homes, real estate agents say. An actual site visit precedes the decision to buy - so far, one agent said.

"Klein explained how FaceTime has helped realtors keep active during the crux of the coronavirus lockdown. “Early on, people couldn’t come up here. They couldn’t look at property unless they had quarantined for two weeks. So we were using FaceTime exclusively and then hoping people could get up here and shelter in place for a few weeks prior to the home inspection.” While some publications such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have cited instances of buyers purchasing property without stepping foot inside, Klein said that Sugarbush Real Estate has yet to see a buyer purchase a property sight unseen. “Normally what happens is they make the offer and go under contract based on the FaceTime tour, but at some point prior to it actually selling, they want to come and see it,” said Klein."



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  • Patrick Finnie
    commented 2020-07-06 13:56:59 -0400
    Oh well, the urban refugees have already screwed up these areas so badly that they are no more than outlying burbs of Chittenden County anyways. They have turned a vast area of Vermont into  a cross between Disney Land and Jellystone Park, and want more. (Where’s the pick-a-nic basket Boo-Boo ?) What I find most disturbing about our rural lands being sold to urbanites is the fact that because they are so monetarily upwardly mobile, that we can not afford land in our own state, they are buying our state, and subjugating us to a status of second class citizenry. It’s at a point where we can no longer afford the taxes which go towards supporting the programs that these people think they and we need. To those who say that we need their money, I would tell them that my grandparents did not live in caves and eat dirt. We would do quite well without their “benevolence.” I guess that we should just be satisfied with jobs in the service sector where we keep them safe, healthy and happy ?