Out-of-state driver nails AOT license plate reader with high-speed pickle - VT Digger

A Massachusetts man has been cited to appear in Vermont court for throwing a big pickle at a Vermont AOT worker reading out-of-state license plates in Pownal.

"Trooper Raymond Witkowski, who filed the report, said Hoffman was part of the Covid-19 crew monitoring traffic going in and out of Vermont when he "was minding his own business" and got hit in the back by an unknown object. "It doesn't sound like much of a big deal," said Witkowski, a four-year veteran trooper. "But a pickle can be a relatively hard object. It's not hard to imagine it would hurt." He said the splattering also ruined Hoffman's new shoes. "I'm just happy it wasn't a bottle or a piece of metal," Witkowski said.."

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