Orthodox Jewish camp warned over Covid-19 violation - WCAX

A Rutland hotel with a capacity for only 300 people under Covid-19 regulations is filled with 450-500 campers from New Jersey. State officials are investigating.

"Over the weekend, two large groups of campers poured into Rutland Town and Bennington for two separate programs run by BRC Teens Camp. While the group staying at Southern Vermont College in Bennington is following occupancy orders, the one in Rutland is not. That's why residents are demanding the state step in. "We are a community that wants to see visitors of all walks of life and for people to come, but we need to do it safely," said Josh Terenzini, the chair of the Rutland Town Selectboard. He says the community is worried the out-of-state campers who just arrived at the Holiday Inn aren't following the governor's guidelines. "We were obviously concerned with the sheer volume of people who were coming and sort of the location of where they were coming from, due to that area being such a hot bed of COVID-19 activity over the last several months."”

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