Orleans County real estate boom continues trend dating back to 1890’s – Vermont Daily Chronicle

Out-of-staters have been buying up Vermont land and homes since at least the 1890’s, when the State of Vermont paid a few dozen Swedes to move to southern Vermont.

“The big-picture explanation is that the Northeast Kingdom is finally catching up with the rest of Vermont. It’s been a long time coming. As early as the 1890’s, Vermont land and home prices took off when aggressive marketing by state officials found thousands of city dwellers looking for a healthy, peaceful, still-green relief from crowded, dirty, urban living, NVU-Lyndon history professor Paul Searls writes in his 2019 book, “Repeopling Vermont.” For obvious geographical reasons, it occurred mostly in southern Vermont, but since then has moved northward. In recent years, once-cheap property in northwestern Vermont – Franklin County – has become so pricey that county development officials are concerned about lack of affordable housing. Now, finally, it seems to be northeastern Vermont’s turn.

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