Opinion: when the press silences itself - Caledonian-Record

It seems both the press and its readers are more intent than ever on silencing the voices with whom it disagrees.

"The op-ed kicked up a hornet’s nest of howls and protests, including a revolt among New York Times news staffers who said publishing the opinion put their lives in danger. From there, dominoes fell quickly. The next day, Publisher A.G. Sulzberger apologized for the piece and said it shouldn’t have run. Shortly thereafter Editorial Page Editor James Bennett resigned and one of his deputies was re-assigned. Sulzberger said the opinion “did not meet our standards,” and blamed a “rushed editorial process.” He said the Cotton flap was just the last straw for Bennett whose high-profile missteps overshadowed an otherwise decent career. This, of course, got conservatives all riled up. Trump supporters jumped on the developments as proof-positive that the New York Times wasn’t a band of professional journalists as much as they were social justice warriors, trying to lead the country straight to hell."

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