Opinion: VPO mocks chances of GOP candidate for lieutenant governor

Progressive watchdog journalist John Walters takes on the campaign platform of GOP lieutenant governor candidate Meg Hansen.

“She’s opposed to Obamacare and other health care reform efforts; her solution is to let the free market do its magic — giving all Vermonters the chance to buy overpriced, crappy, exception-laden insurance policies. She’s not a fan of fighting climate change or climate activists, who “use the specter of climate catastrophe to demonize us as polluters-parasites on earth,” and whose proposed solutions are “immoral.” She also favors the “freedom to vape,” which, okay then. You get the idea. It’s precisely the kind of hard-core conservative platform that’s been a consistent, lopsided loser in Vermont. Hansen makes a big deal about freedom of speech, and opposes any effort to define or regulate “hate speech.” Which is a little odd, because she currently blocks me on Twitter.

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  • Cindy Provost
    commented 2019-12-22 15:09:27 -0500
    I will second what Irene said before me, as far as Zuckerman needs to be gone!!
    Unfortunately, there are too many people in our state that are ignorant just like he is, sad fact!
  • Irene Stewart
    commented 2019-12-22 07:45:46 -0500
    I think any GOP candidate would win against Zuckerman, known as the Tax and Spend “creature” in the Senate. He just wants “fluffy” type proposals, that attract the free loaders in our state, and then gain him a vote. VT cannot continue to even exist with his progressive,extremely liberal ideas. We want him GONE