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The poor and the elderly are the most likely to be victimized by abuse of the mail-in vote system. Our secretary of state pooh-poohs the possibility. But that’s what happened in North Carolina.

"The more we rely on absentee ballots, the more inequity we build into the system, as it allows for the rich and powerful — either individuals or organizations — avenues and opportunities to buy or bully votes. The poor and elderly are the most likely to be victimized under such a system. This is what happened in the North Carolina 9th, a U.S. congressional district with a bigger population than the entire state of Vermont, when the 2018 results were nullified by a court due to the decisive level of “vote harvesting” of absentee ballots. Vote harvesting is when campaign operatives show up on someone’s doorstep who has just received an absentee ballot (sometimes requested by that same campaign operative without the knowledge of the voter) and offers to “help,” threaten or bribe the voter fill out the form in a predetermined way. In some cases the operative would just steal the ballot right out of the mailbox. In the NC-9 race, not only were fraudulent absentee votes for the cheating candidate turned in, but legitimate votes for his opponent were collected and destroyed before they ever got into the hands of election officials."

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