Opinion: Vermont Republican legislators would preserve environment, grow economy – VT Biz

The Legislature must protect the environment and grow the economy, Vermont House Minority Leader Pattie McCoy (R-Poultney) says. She and the other Republicans want to help Gov. Phil Scott make it happen.

“We can reverse this trajectory by providing tax relief, reversing our demographic trends, investing in workforce development, boosting support for both early-care and higher-education (including tech ed), modernizing state government, incentivizing affordable housing investments, expanding access to high-speed internet, and pursuing reforms to tackle both health care and utility expenses. Vermont House Republicans will advance this agenda under the Golden Dome as we seek to accomplish our shared goals with Governor Scott: growing the economy, making Vermont more affordable, and protecting the most vulnerable. We also recognize that many Vermonters are concerned about climate change and its impacts on the integrity of Vermont’s natural beauty. We share these important concerns.

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