Opinion: Vermont is in crisis! Let’s legalize pot - Manchester Journal

A former lawmaker invokes Bob Dylan and argues that we can beat this Covid-19 deficit thing by making the sale of marijuana legal.

“Like the other 49 states, Vermont is going to need all the revenue it can get. It's time to go after the low-hanging fruit. It's time for Vermont to regulate and legalize the sale of marijuana and to do so in a way that best supports our local growers. Vermont could receive millions in new revenues by legalizing pot, while simultaneously helping Vermonters who are already growing pot for the black market. Helping these folks to come out of the shadows and legally do what they are already doing would be an added benefit. This should no longer be seen as a heavy lift. From Vermont Business Magazine: "A new poll conducted by Public Policy Polling and commissioned by the Marijuana Policy Project found that an overwhelming 76% of Vermont residents support allowing adults 21 and over to purchase cannabis from regulated, tax-paying small businesses."



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