Opinion: Vermont is a state full of fetishes – VT Political Observer

Like Trump’s Wall and the Constitution, that dying maple tree in Windsor County is an obsessive fetish – and people should just get over it, John Walters opines.

For some, the tree is obviously much more than a tree — it’s “the embodiment or habitation of a potent spirit,” the manifestation of a concept or an idea.

The idea being, I guess, that we value our history and heritage, and we’re ambivalent about our place in the modern world. After all, if they hadn’t built the interstates, Vermont would still be a backwater. If you think our economy is stagnant now, just imagine how things would be if the only road access was by way of two-lane roads.

But if you want to honor Tenney’s memory, put up a plaque. (Or if you really want to honor his memory, stop using freeways. No? Okay, then.)

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