Opinion: Do we really want all of that New York money moving to Vermont? - VT Digger

It’s great that rich New Yorkers are buying up real estate like never before - great for the sellers and real estate industry, that is. But it sure won’t make taxes or the cost of housing any lower. Pondering the problem, former altar boy Bill Schubart asks his former priest, Omer Dufault, for wisdom.

“In his soft voice, he finally replied: “An extravagance of wealth must be measured against human pain and one’s capacity to alleviate it with their wealth. Everyone must answer that question honestly for themselves. There’s no absolute number. When does love become jealousy? When does faith become self-serving orthodoxy? When does a war of defense shift to one of aggression?” I had my answer. He blessed our meal and we returned quietly to our food."



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  • Patrick Finnie
    commented 2020-08-03 16:08:30 -0400
    Oh boy, just what we needed, more rich know it all Flatlanders !
  • Donna Ryan
    commented 2020-07-30 01:22:00 -0400
    They need to stay in their own state. They come here to make Vermont a liberal state and jack out taxes up.