Opinion: New Hampshire walks away from TCI carbon tax – Scott should too, Klar says – Vermont Daily Chronicle

Now that New Hampshire has sensibly chosen to not carbon-tax its owns citizens, Vermont should follow suit, GOP candidate John Klar says.

“Because New Hampshire has openly flouted the TCI, it will be even more unfair (and absurd) if Vermont imposes, and later increases, a gasoline tax. Other states, too, are likely to balk at this now unavoidable imbalance. The higher the tax is subsequently raised, the more Vermonters will drive (extra miles, = carbon and pollution) over the border to save money; the more tourists will select the White Mountains over the Green for vacationing; the more businesses will “steer clear” of Vermont. Governor Scott must similarly preempt the expansion of the carbon tax threat. He has said he opposed such a tax (despite creating a committee to study it). He has said he embraces affordability, and this tax hurts the economy as well as the poorest citizens. And as New Hampshire’s Office of Strategic Initiatives Director Jared Chicoine argued, “There are clearly better ways to achieve the purported goals of this program…. This proposal is a huge hit to the wallets of rural drivers.”

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