Opinion: Losing patience with Act 46 – Brattleboro Reformer

Whatever the song says, breaking up isn’t hard to do. Just ask Halifax, which voted 48-0 to dissolve its school merger.

“Act 46 ordered up mergers between school districts to save money, create efficiencies and improve education for Vermont's public school students. However, that's not happening at Southern Valley Unified Union School District, at least to a measurable degree at this point. The school district is over budget by $113,000 and staff turnover has created continuity issues. What's clear is the district hasn't achieved the full synergy that the Act 46 vision implied it would and voters in both towns have lost patience.

Whether these issues would be ironed out in the near future, voters in both towns aren't waiting to find out. Some voters wanted more financial information before casting their votes whether to retain or dissolve the school district. The school board was told the schools would not lose out on grants if they went solo, which could have been a major complication.

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