Opinion: Interracial couple says police are their protection, not danger - The Commons

An interracial couple living in Brattleboro say ‘anyone who wants to defund the police had better have a plan to keep us safe.’

“As an interracial couple, we are not safe in Vermont. We see people riding in pickup trucks with Trump banners and weaponizing the American flag, and we know that some of them have weapons in their vehicles. We know that not everyone who flies those flags is a threat, but we know some are. There have been break-ins across town and in our neighborhood, which is vulnerable. We have had possessions stolen. At the most recent Selectboard meeting, what we mainly heard was a bunch of well-intentioned progressive White people talking about something they don’t know so much about, based on what they have read in the national papers. Meanwhile, we are here and living our reality, and we think of our police as protection — not a danger."



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