Opinion: Hundreds could die if Scott fails to act - VT Digger

Time will tell if VT Digger’s John Walters is crying wolf, or whether he is a modern-day Cassandra. Either way, he’s putting the burden to stop a full-blown pandemic on Gov. Phil Scott.

Sorry, that’s not enough. If Scott doesn’t impose a full shelter in place order right now, he risks a pandemic that will overload our hospitals and trigger rationing of care among the most seriously ill. And be prepared for that order to be in place for a substantial period of time. Months, not weeks. You’ve seen the charts that show the U.S. is almost precisely following Italy’s trajectory, only we’re roughly two weeks behind. Italy has already resorted to some stunningly cruel triage. As of Monday, Italy had reported 64,000 known cases and more than 6,000 deaths. The rate of new cases and fatalities has begun to slow a bit, but is still on a sharp upward trajectory. According to a doctor in Parma, hospitals there are no longer allowing the use of respirators on COVID-19 patients over the age of 60. Based on current trends Vermont’s health care system will likely be overwhelmed in the next few months if no further steps are taken, and demand would skyrocket thereafter. Rationing of respirators would be inevitable."

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  • Edward Garcia
    commented 2020-03-26 14:05:03 -0400
    Walters is a self important, partisan jerk who’s not one tenth as important as he thinks he is. This latest bloviation should be ignored. Exploiting a crisis for political gain is right up his alley.