Opinion: How you, personally, can help local businesses survive – True North Reports

Desperate times call for local spending measures.

"First, people can make it a point to buy at locally owned businesses. For example, I could easily have ordered a couple of shotgun cases from Walmart or Amazon, but instead I called my local gun store. The owner will get them for me, perhaps for a couple of dollars more than the retail giants, but he’ll answer any questions I might have. I’ll have to travel 8 miles to pick them up when they come in, but that will give me a chance to talk about olden times, like when his grandfather built our house in 1970. Second, this is a time to take part in Community Supported Agriculture. Buy products from the farm stands, and at the farmers markets. Your contribution to the Vermont Community Foundation’s COVID Response Fund will pay for gallons of fresh Vermont milk delivered by the Vermont Food Bank — milk that farms would otherwise have to dump because of oversupply."

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