Opinion: Derek Chauvin does not represent The Blue, Deb Billado says - True North Reports

The “defund the police” folks are making a big mistake if they think George Floyd’s killer represents cop culture, the chair of the Vermont GOP says. And some of the more radical defunders have a dangerous agenda.

"The primary role of government is to protect the public so they can live safe, productive lives as they build their community, state and nation. The founders understood this, and the police powers they created are essential to what has made America great and safe. Imagine a world without our police? Without them, all individuals and households would have to be armed to the tooth to protect their very existence. These are unsettling times and so many people have lost their way and have no respect for human life and what it means. To suggest that in these times of crisis we should eliminate the stabilizing force of police in our land is irresponsible."

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