Opinion – ‘cultural conservative’ columnist makes case for Bernie – New York Times

In a nutshell – of all of the Democratic contenders for president, Bernie Sanders is the most likely to just leave the cultural conservatives alone, Ross Douthat says.

“The theory of the Kamala Harris candidacy, whose nosedive was the subject of a withering pre-mortem from three of my colleagues over Thanksgiving, was that she was well suited to accomplish this unification through the elixir of her female/minority/professional class identities — that she would embody the party’s diversity much as Barack Obama did before her, and subsume the party’s potential tensions under the benevolent stewardship of a multicultural managerialism. That isn’t happening. But it’s still reasonable for Democratic voters to look for someone who can do a version of what Harris was supposed to do, and build a coalition across the party’s many axes of division."

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