Opinion by Jeff Jacoby: Jew haters, right and left – Boston Globe

Anti-semitism doesn’t just come from the Right. Or of the Left. Or blacks. Or whites. Or Christians. Or Muslims.

“If the long, bitter history of anti-Semitism teaches anything, it is that “the oldest hatred” can take any shape and adapt to any ideology. Nazis or Communists, Christians or Muslims, Trump backers or Trump foes, white extremists or black extremists — hostility to Jews grows in any soil. And if you condemn anti-Semitism only when it comes from the team you oppose, you haven’t condemned a thing.

Jew-hatred thrives where Jew-haters are tolerated: Therefore they must not be tolerated. For most of the postwar decades, a powerful taboo made anti-Semitism largely intolerable. But that taboo is breaking down, and Jews are again endangered. Even in America, where that was once unthinkable.

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  • Doug & Patricia Richmond
    commented 2020-01-05 10:12:36 -0500
    It is a sad thing when the cores of our civil society get attacked, as the enemy of the violent non-producers.

    Christian or Jew, all are under attack, they make the criminal element sad and mad that they as criminals are so hopeless and useless. They cannot abide any productive and peaceful examples, For the blood of others is their only nourishment.
    They cannot abide a peaceful productive example.
    Doug Richmond