Opinion: Addy Indy says Gov. Scott afterschool plan ‘collaboration lite’ – Addison Independent

Publisher Angelo Lynn liked what he heard about afterschool programs in Gov. Scott’s State of the State address last week. What he didn’t hear was how it would be funded.

“How does he expect schools (or anyone else) to offer two to three hours of afterschool program for thousands of students at no cost? He doesn’t. He wants to toss out the idea and give it his support, have Democrats in the Legislature develop the plans and suggest the appropriate ways to fund them, and then jump back into the discussion as a governor who objects to the cost and fights to keep Vermonters taxes down. It would be far better had he developed the framework of a plan over the summer and fall (copied from Iceland and tweaked to suit Vermont), proposed a source of funding, and then said he hoped to get Democrats on board. That would be strong leadership, not the political two-step as he ducks responsibility for the inevitable cost ahead.

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