Op-ed: Don’t forget that other crisis, climate change - Vermont Journal

Climate change warriors want us all to ‘mobilize’ against climate change just like we’ve done for Covid-19.

“But when the COVID-19 crisis has waned – and it will, due to our determined efforts – we will have to return our focus to the Other Crisis – that of climate change. Even though Vermonters have previously worked hard to address climate change, our greenhouse gas emissions have risen by 13% since 1990. So we must pause and consider, what would our emissions look like if we would mobilize to fight the climate crisis just as we have concentrated on fighting the COVID-19 crisis? Imagine a full-on effort, with everyone rallied to overcome climate change just as with this pandemic. Many people don’t think of climate change as a health emergency, but it truly is. The World Health Organization started listing climate change as the #1 threat to human health long before COVID-19 was on the scene."



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