Ongoing drought of crowds, tourists, donors could kill the arts industry - VPR

In rural communities, arts organizations give local people a window to the wider world of culture. The pandemic has abruptly slashed virtually every source of arts funding. In little towns across Vermont, the window is closing. Will it ever open again?

"They were not considered a basic need for meaningful emergency funding. Money from philanthropists went down with the stock market, and sponsorships from local businesses fell away because they had their own problems. And that pretty much covers all the revenue streams for arts organizations. "


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  • Patrick Finnie
    commented 2020-08-23 12:54:36 -0400
    Oh and by the way, an " ONGOING DROUGHT OF CROWDS, TOURISTS,"? You obviously have not been around Lake Champlain, Willoughby, Caspian, etc. or the ski resort towns. There is no shortage of “tourists”. They are here in numbers like I have never seen them before. They are just “quarantining” at their “summer cottages, and winter chalets”! Lord please help us !!!
  • Patrick Finnie
    commented 2020-08-23 12:44:55 -0400
    Here we go again, “The Arts” wanting financial support from hard working tax payers. My town of Calais yearly votes to send between $27,000, and $28,000 dollars to the Kellogg Hubbard Library in Montpelier for the supposed “cultural opportunities” that this venue provides. This “charitable donation” to this organization started out as a one time donation 15 or 20 years ago to finance the expansion of the library, but has continued, and gotten more expensive almost every year. Don’t be fooled, most Vermonters are probably supporting “The Arts” whether they want to (or even realize it) or not.