Vermont Water Cooler Releases Fall 2019 Survey Results

As demonstrations heat up, the Water Cooler team developed a survey that will help to inform policy makers about Vermonter’s take on climate change issues.

Results were gathered by phone between 10/8/2019 and 10/10/2019. Sampling of 539 respondents. This page last updated 11/27/2019.

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There is little doubt this is an issue on Vermonter’s minds. Nearly three quarters of those surveyed viewed climate change as a major issue that could lead to mass extinction. Even with this in mind, Vermonters are reluctant to raise taxes on energy sources that contribute to carbon pollution. Half of respondents opposed any kind of tax increase on these products.

Despite the gravity of the issue, most respondents were realistic about the impacts efforts made in Vermont would have on the global issue. Only 11% thought the state would have a very significant impact on climate change.

As Legislators prepare for the 2020 legislative session, it would be prudent for them to understand Vermonter’s views on climate change and the gravity of the situation but also respect economic and environmental realities.


Thank you to anyone who participated in our survey. If you missed the opportunity and want your voice counted, you can still participate online here:



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-The Vermont Water Cooler Team

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  • d pilone
    commented 2019-11-21 14:39:49 -0500
    AOC won’t have children because of climate change. Kindergartners can’t sleep at night because there won’t be a tomorrow. RELAX breath deeply. Carbon dioxide is our friend. It makes vegetables and trees strong. It facilitates plants to create oxygen that we need to live on this Earth. That fact is left out of the biology curriculum today. Polar bear populations have doubled since Al Gore’s prediction of extinction. The polar ice cap is shown melting away. But you missed the news clip that shows the ice cap expanding at the other end of the seasonal cycle. If water levels have risen, its because of the trillions of gallons of boiling hot water that nuclear power plants endlessly purge into our oceans to prevent radioactive meltdowns. But no one cares because its carbon dioxide neutral. Corporations use climate activists to their advantage. They’re getting rich because you’re so scared that civilization is ending and you gladly are giving your hard earned tax money to the state to enrich themselves and hand out lucrative “climate” contracts to their donors. Electric cars that use a bigger carbon footprint to manufacture the batteries than all the fuel to be saved. Battery fires that can’t be put out by conventional means. Disposable nightmares. Electric buses that DIE because their batteries don’t work efficiently below 50F. Wake up this scam as been used from the beginning of time. The most prosperous man in the ancient tribe is the medicine (science) man. He got the best food, the best housing and the most sought after women at the tribes expense. He controlled the sun and the rain. Its no different today, there now called politicians. And if you don’t sacrifice your lifestyle for their personal aggrandizement they’ll disappear the sun permanently because your not educated enough to know that “climate change” is the medicine mans solar eclipse.