NYT silent on Bernie support for abortion, population control - True North

Bernie Sanders said during the Democratic presidential debate Wednesday night that he supports abortion as a form of birth control in Third World countries. The NYT didn't notice. Maybe the Gray Lady was having a Biden moment? 


"Sanders was asked during CNN’s climate town hall whether he would support measures to curb population growth in order to protect the climate. The Vermont senator answered yes, and said he supports using taxpayer dollars to fund abortion abroad, “especially in poor countries.”"

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  • Cindy Provost
    commented 2019-09-08 11:05:23 -0400
    The best and only abortion other than for at-risk situations that I would support would have Bernie to have been aborted. This man has never worked an honest day in his life and has used VERMONT to prosper greatly with his socialist rhetoric.
    Fun fact, Bernie came here in the ’60s, lived off welfare and our dime while smoking pot all of the time. He then made sure to leave to Europe during the draft and then came back to sponge off Vermont some more.
    Abortions are a result of people typically making bad choices.
    Why should our taxpayer dollars ever be used for individuals that cannot be responsible, smart and certainly not for people in other countries that make those same irresponsible choices!!!!!
    Whatever happened to personal and community responsibility and consequences????