Vermont Water Cooler Releases November 2019 Survey Results

Analyzing one of the Legislature's signature 2019 initiatives, the Water Cooler team developed a survey that will help to inform policy makers about Vermonter’s take on protections of abortion rights.

Results were gathered by phone 11/12-13/2019. Sampling of 366 respondents. This page last updated 12/3/2019.

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Amending Vermont's constitution to protect abortion rights was one of the hallmarks of the 2019 legislative session. Despite this, less than half of Vermonters are even aware of this effort. Perhaps even more surprising though, is that less than a third of Vermonter's support the unrestricted approach proposed by the constitutional amendments. While divided opinions is nothing new on this particular issue, the reality of support for abortion is more complex than the legislature might believe.

As a follow-up to these questions about abortion policy, we also asked about tax funding for abortion services. This is another complicated issue as funding may come from a variety of sources including direct payment, public health programs, and health insurance. We kept this question generic instead of testing each scenario as this is difficult in a multi-choice survey. The results found that Vermonters are split on this question with 44% support/opposition.


Thank you to anyone who participated in our survey. If you missed the opportunity and want your voice counted, you can still participate online here: 



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-The Vermont Water Cooler Team

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