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The local production of Cabaret has more friends in Bellows Falls than last week’s town order to strike the set would suggest.

"Maryann McArdle, a board member of Main Street Arts, said Sunday that a member of the Rockingham Select Board reached out after the 4-1 vote last week, which ordered that the Cabaret set be removed. "Basically all we can say is that a member of the select board contacted MSA and asked us to suspend the strike while they potentially revisit the decision. I'm not sure that this will even happen and I don't know what the next steps are for MSA at this point," McArdle said. McArdle declined to identify the member of the select board who was working to find a middle path. The decision prompted a backlash from many in the community, who said the decision was both anti-business for the downtown merchants and restaurants, as well as anti-arts, and people vowed to work to oust the three board members who are up for re-election in March. Those include Chairman Gaetano Putignano and board members Stefan Golec and Ben Masure. Masure made the motion to order MSA to remove its set, and all three, along with board member Peter Golec, voted to have the set removed. Only select board member Susan Hammond voted against the motion."

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