Northern Vermont power storage system would use “frozen air” to back up NEK wind power – Vermont Daily Chronicle

A cutting edge power storage/generation facility in Northern Vermont would use surplus power to cryo-freeze air, then release it at room temperature to power turbines when power is in demand. Awesome idea – but will it cost? And – who will pay?

“What will the power cost? The press release doesn’t say, because Highview and Encore don’t know – yet. However, the reference to “peak times” suggests it will be expensive. Peak power is dispatched by ISO-New England grid dispatchers when demand is high and they need to keep the lights on. Even traditional, fuel-cheap oil and coal “peak” plants are expensive, because they must recoup their costs with peak sales alone. A pilot plant using new technology and powered by already-expensive solar and wind power would have to charge a pretty penny, even if – as Highview claims – it’s safe and has half the operating costs of traditional lithium batteries.

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  • Colin DuPee
    commented 2019-12-31 00:41:25 -0500
    Considering we’re talking about storing energy from wind turbines, how does it compare to pumping water up-hill? That seems to be based on very reliable technology as well…