No way, NEA: Ed secretary rebuffs idea for another school reopening commission - VT Digger

The Vermont teachers’ union wants more say in how Vermont schools reopen this fall. The Scott administration’s Secretary of Education gives that paper a failing grade.

"A state planning group that meets weekly and includes Vermont-NEA representatives is working “very well,” French said. A new commission would be unnecessary, he said, adding that the proposed commission would lack “the necessary legal or regulatory authority to establish and impose” statewide mandates. Vermont-NEA President Don Tinney conceded that French “may legally be correct” that the commission couldn’t mandate directives, but he said, “I still think that we would’ve been able to offer some really sound directives, even if it were in the category of sound advice. “We’re very disappointed that we’re not going to have our members making decisions at the state level about how to best reopen schools safely,” Tinney said. “The safety and health guidelines that we have are a good start, and we need to have educators at the table as they develop implementation plans to make sure those guidelines and standards are met in all schools.”."

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