No masks, sanitizer for sale at Berlin drug stores; some computer models unavailable - VT Daily Chronicle

Both the CVS pharmacy on the Barre-Montpelier Road and another pharmacy at a major national chain store nearby were out of masks and sanitizers. One pharmacist said the chain leadership is prioritizing deliveries for the western U.S., where the need is greatest.

“At a large, national pharmacy in Berlin, all the masks and bottles of hand sanitizer are sold out. A pharmacist said Sunday afternoon the few boxes the store does receive are quickly sold. The chain has redirected most of the available masks “out west,” where the need is considered more immediate. The problem is not one of supply – the mask-producing companies are working around the clock, he said – but one of skyrocketing demand. Shoppers are scouring the hardware aisles for painters’ masks, the pharmacist said."



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