Newport high school students want more condom access – Caledonian-Record

A pair of North Country Union High School seniors want the school’s wellness center to offer condoms and information about safe sex. A panel of school officials say they’ll bring the idea to the school board.

"Gentley and Wiggett want the board to approve a school procedure that would make condoms and information about safe sex and how to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases available at the school’s new wellness center — an increasingly valuable gathering place for students. The two students in senior health class studied what happens when students don’t know about sexual diseases and how to protect themselves and others. They told the school officials they discovered that condom availability doesn’t increase sexual activity among teens, but reduces student pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. They also cited statistics from national organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics. They said that sexually active teens in schools with a condom program were twice as likely to report using condoms during a most recent encounter.

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