New mask mandate will help local businesses, Scott predicts - True North Reports

Shoppers won’t stay away from local stores because they have to wear masks - they’ll shop more often because they will feel safer, Gov. Scott predicted Friday.

"Gov. Scott replied: “I believe just the opposite. With the mask mandate, people will be more comforted [about going into stores]. I believe that this action that we are taking is proactive and will have the opposite effect.” Vermonters concerned about health risks will have more confidence shopping, he said. Today’s mandate requires universal wearing of masks in all indoor public places, and outdoors where social distancing cannot be practiced, by Aug. 1. There are exceptions, such as while eating, drinking and exercising, and for children under 2 and people with health considerations."

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  • Brian Vogel
    commented 2020-07-28 12:16:15 -0400
    Where does Scott get the authority to issue a statewide mask mandate?