New House bills tackle immunization, cannabis, rent control, fishing access use - Vermont Daily

Like baby sea turtles crossing the sand, newly introduced bills - some new ideas, some retreads - make their way slowly through the committee and floor process in the Vermont House. If successful, the process will be repeated in the Senate and then go to the governor’s desk for his signature. The race is won by the quick and powerful - and baby sea turtles are neither. So in the Legislature, it helps to have friends who are.

“Bills introduced into the Vermont House last week would:
• Eliminate religious exemption for immunization
• Protect municipal right to prevent cannabis operations
• Enhance equity in schools on basis of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and identity, and disabilities
• Ban rent hikes for two years
• Register home contractors and educate them about ‘green’ construction
• Allow zero-emissions vehicle manufacturers to establish warranty/service operations, and charge a mileage tax for plug-in electric vehicles
• Require license to use fishing access
• Plan for 20% local foods in prisons, and a new women’s transitional facility
• Tighten police use of force
• Make paper products manufacturers responsible for collection and recycling
• Establish paid family leave….



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